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I'm willing and capable of tackling most odd jobs. I have a truck, I have tools, and I have a variety of life experience. If you need it done, give me a call and we can discuss if I am capable of meeting your needs. I guarantee my work. You won't be disappointed.

Basic Handyman Work - wood & steel framing, mechanical, electrical, drywall, insulation, flooring, cabinet installation, decking, shelves, repairs

Lawn care and maintenance

Mowing, trimming, feeding

Shoveling, raking, sweeping

Concierge - groceries, pick-ups, errands, etc.

Delivery, drop-off, courier - people and/or items

Furniture, appliances, and material assistance

Furniture assembly - Ikea, Walmart, etc.

Home entertainment solutions and setup

Extensive writing experience - drafting letters, resume creation, policy & procedure manuals, etc.

Moving? I have a truck and I don't mind helping.

 Anything else? Just ask. 

Available 7 days a week, including evenings, my flexible schedule allows me to get on-site to you, usually, within 1 business day. Contact me now to discuss your requirements and setup an appointment that fits your schedule.

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